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As the Yachats Smelt submerge themselves in the holiday season, we feel it is appropriate to publish the following letter from Nicholas the Norwegian Troll. Nicky, as he is known by Yachatians, is the keeper of the Yachats Troll Bridge. Please see Post #43 in the archives (dated 3/11/13) for an explanation of how to find the bridge.

Letter from Nicholas Troll
Interpreted by Melinda Bender

Dear Yachatians,

Hello, I am Nicholas the Norwegian Troll. Please call me Nicky. I know that my being a troll may scare some, but I have wanted to introduce myself to you fine human creatures of Yachats near the sea. Please let me divulge a bit. I am called Nicky because my favorite mythical creature is your Santa Claus. I have long wished that I could wear a soft red velvet coat and deliver presents to little children.

I have seen many of you crossing the Yachats Bridge, and most of you have dutifully paid your bridge toll. The toll of one goat seemed reasonable; however, I have heard some squabbling and am happy to reconsider the toll since my family and I have plenty of goat friends (see Fig. 1) and goat milk to make our delicious lemon goat cheese. [Editor’s note: This is a little confusing. In collecting the toll, Nicky only accepts billy goats.]

Fig. 1. Baby goat, cute enough for a season pass.

I realize we are different from many of our kind. We emigrated years ago from Trondheim, Norway…so long ago that I don’t remember. We moved upriver near Tidewater from Waldport, where the feathery ferns wave in the breeze and wildflowers offer their cups of nectar for moths and other insects.

Even as a youngster, I was fascinated by you humans and wanted to move closer. So we moved close to the Cape…what you call Cape Perpetua. From there I could communicate with the robins, squirrels, and other animals that so delighted me, and I could stare at the sea with protection from the salty splash of sea water. My goal was to move even closer and maybe work with you humans. Because of my stature, the bridge job was a perfect fit. (Oh, how I love the salty, sweet smell of sea air.) Now I make needed repairs, ensure that not too many people are crossing at once, and take a small toll for my efforts.

The city and I have come to an understanding, as so many people cross numerous times each day. I am happy to announce that three daily meals apiece are all that my family and I need. We know that some splendid chefs reside in Yachats. I will leave it up to you to decide who cooks what, when, and where (we have few dietary restrictions). We are anxiously awaiting our home cooked meals! I can almost taste the roasted chestnut salad, cranberry compote, and lemon-broiled Chinook salmon. This is my dream job, being in such a pretty place with the soothing sounds of the roaring ocean waves, and being so near humans; you continue to intrigue me with your friendly formalities.

Recently, the Yachats Smelt Baseball team asked me to join them. They said I could bat cleanup. What an honor! I will have to think hard on this one as I love the bridge and chatting with people, and I don’t want to give all that up. Few trolls have such a rich, rewarding life!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Habari gani?, and Happy Holidays. May your celebrations be filled with love, happiness, health, and blessings for 2014!

Nicky, Norwegian Troll

NOTE: We thank Melinda Bender for this contribution to the Rubbery Shrubbery Blog.

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3 Responses to 65 – Letter from Nicholas Troll

  1. Heather T. says:

    You tagged this with cranberry compote??? *laugh*

    Sure sounds like the friendliest troll I’m likely to meet!

  2. Burgundy Featherkile says:

    Thank you, Melinda, for all your hard work in interpreting this gem.

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